Hello everyone,

I am working on a retro-gameplay modern-arts 2D shoot-em-up(sideways scrolling, loads of enemys approaching from the right and big explosions - you know that stuff, like R-Type or Stargunner) and I think it will be too much work for me to do it alone.

So, if anyone of you is interested in creating an open source game with cool arts, music and story (my friends are pretty good at music and graphics, and I have already written and thought much about the story), please reply. If this game is going that way we want it (namely, a good, entertaining game which could be sold as a shareware/advertise game), we'll need a few developers more:

-artist(s) (tiles & sprites, effects & movies)
-coder(s) (not sure about the profile, since development has not yet started)
-writer/game creator (the game has to be entertaining, and we can't efford clichés)
-level & fx designer (when the level editor is ready)
-web designer (for the homepage - so we can catch attention)

Thanks for your time,

(de.web@san-jin) please reverse the words to get my address