Welcome to the SnR Gothic project page!

SnR Gothic is a sideways-scrolling 2D space-shooter. To stand against the myriads of enemies, you will need all firepower you can get, and even that won't be enough...

Feature list:

The project is still in the planning/initial development phase. Because the story will not be the usual nonsense (no offence, it shall just be deeper than "You have gun, they have gun. You kill or they kill"), it will take some time to nail it down, to find out which story best fits with an interesting gameplay.

A really good game, by my definition, is one which leaves you with a nostalgic feeling "I must come back here!", just as you may think of Rome, if you ever visited it. You know there is more to it than you have seen. You think "That can't be all! It's over! How dare you leave me alone here?", in short, it must somehow become real for the player. Tolkien did a great job with its middle-earth background to have "Lord of the Rings" readers feel alike. Final Fantasy (7&8) created characters we identified with, and a virtual world with enough appeal to make someone wish to live there. The music and the storyline blended it to an emotionally addicting experience. So, if you think that you want to create such a quality game, please become a member of our team! We are looking forward!


Tobias Hoffmann